awanaAWANA (Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed) is the leading children’s ministry of the church to help parents raise children to know, love and serve Christ. It is a GREAT discipleship opportunity for your children giving them a Biblical foundation for a lifetime! AWANA blends Bible teaching, evangelism, Scripture memorization and tons of FUN for a great kid’s club experience.

AWANA at Clear Springs Baptist is open to all children Kindergarten through 6th Grade. We will not have Cubbies this year.

Registration is $60 per child (or $50 per child for 3 or more children) payable by check mailed to Clear Springs Baptist Church, PO Box 2363, Alpharetta, GA 30023. Financial assistance is available for those in need (please contact Tom Jennings 678-480-6575). Please make check payable to Clear Springs Baptist Church and write AWANA on the bottom of the check. You can also pay electronically via Zelle or Venmo 404-664-6797 to Oliver Tseng.

We will have all our meetings online via Zoom on Sundays 6:30 PM -7:15 PM.  We will start with pledges and announcements, have a short large group meeting, then split into our small groups using the break-out rooms.  Each child will need to have their own device and login.  In order to correctly assign your child to the small group break-out room, please provide the email that the child will be using on the registration form (Zoom email for child).


1) Why do I need to fill out the email twice on the registration form?

The regular email is the email used to contact you.  The zoom email is used in Zoom to assign the child to the break-out room for their grade.  The email could be the same email address if you only have one child.  But, if you register more than one child, each child should have their own Zoom email.

2) If I have more than one child, will each child need to have their own device?

Yes. The classes will be split into break-out rooms during the small group time.  Each child will need their own Zoom email and device. Preferably, they should be in a place that would not interfere with each other during small-group time.

3) How can my child get their book?

We can either drop the book off at your house or mail it to you.

4) If schools change from remote to in-person in the middle of the year, will AWANA also move back to in-person?

No, we will remain remote throughout the year.

5) Will we still have Bible Quiz?

At this time, Bible Quiz is still on.  But, the details of how it will occur has not been determined.

6) I live in another state, can I register?

Yes.  Since everything is done remote, there is no limitation to where you live.

7) I cannot join now, but can I join AWANA later in the year?

Yes.  Registration cost will also be the same no matter when you join. When you join later in the year, we will work out a way with you for your child to catch up in the book.

8) Will the clubbers need to wear uniforms?

No.  The registration cost does not include uniforms this year.

9) How will the clubbers get their awards?

We will have a drive-by date at the end of the school year for you to pick up your awards.  If you cannot make it, we can drop off/mail the award to you.

10) I’m planning on having vacation later in the year, what are the dates for AWANA so I can plan?

The tentative dates are on the registration page.

11) Will there be any other changes in the future?

Probably.  Since this is a new situation for all of us and it is constantly changing, we will have to adapt.  But, the intention is to try to keep everyone’s best interests in mind and minimize changes.

12) If I have a question/comment, who can I contact?

Pastor Tom Jennings  678-480-6575

AWANA Ministry Director Oliver Tseng  404-664-6797