The Counseling Ministry at Clear Springs is a place where you can find help with their life issues in a loving, confidential setting. This ministry is led by Ms. Sharyn Stone who holds a Masters of Divinity degree in Counseling Ministry from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. While all of our services are offered free of charge to the community, our staff and resources are limited. Each person seeking counseling will be assigned a counselor of the same gender for listening, advice, follow up, prayer, recommendations and referrals. All of our staff ascribe to a Christian, Scriptural worldview. Throughout the year, various classes and seminars are offered for those struggling with certain life issues (i.e. finance seminars, marriage and parenting classes). At Clear Springs we believe that the ancient secrets taught in Scripture help to fix and mend the many life hurts we encounter along the way. For an appointment, call (770) 475-9223 and ask to speak privately to a counselor.