Clear Springs Baptist Church, originally Clear Springs Missionary Baptist Church, was established in 1868, the same year Atlanta became the State’s capital. The church first met in a log cabin near the present church chapel. This was the result of the desire of the 22 charter members to remain Missionary Baptist. Consequently, they left Big Creek Baptist Church located just west of State Bridge on Big Creek.clear-springs-old-church

In 1872, at a cost of $17.90, five acres of land was bought for Clear Springs Baptist Church from Mr. Charles Blanton. In 1888, a second building was erected near the old log cabin. Due to fire, a third building was built in 1914; this third building is the chapel that stands near the current multipurpose Worship Center in which we meet today.

The church name comes from a spring located about 150 yards behind the old chapel in what is now Mabry Park subdivision. The spring had a slow steady stream of clear water. People in the community would often stop by and drink the water or water their livestock.

Next to the spring was a concrete baptismal pool used to baptize early members of Clear Springs. The church members would run a pipe from the spring to fill the pool allowing for baptismal services. While some baptisms occurred in the spring water, most were held at Ms. Lula Webb’s lake.

The spring is no longer in use. However, the church for which it is named continues its quest of leading people to encounter Jesus Christ, the source of living water to all who will drink (John 4:13-14). This water is not one that will quench your physical thirst, but one that will satisfy your spiritual thirst giving new life to those who find it.